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Industry Contacts

All Minor and Heritage Breeds — The Livestock Conservancy

American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association

American Border Leicester Association

American Cheviot Sheep Society

American Coopworth Registry

American Cormo Sheep Association

American Corriedale Association, Inc.

American Cotswold Record Association

American & Delaine-Merino Record Association

American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society

American Gotland Sheep Society

American Hampshire Sheep Association

American Jacob Sheep Registry

American Karakul Sheep Registry

American Miniature Cheviot Sheep Breeders Association

American North Country Cheviot Sheep Association

American Oxford Sheep Assoication

American Polypay Sheep Association

American Rambouillet Breeders Association

American Romeldale/California Variegated Mutant (CVM) Registry

American Romney Breeders Association

American Shropshire Registry Association

American Southdown Breeders’ Association

American Teeswater Sheep Association

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International

Black Cotswold Society

Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America

California Red Sheep Registry

Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America

Continental Dorset Club

Cormo Sheep Conservation Registry, Inc.

Cotswold Breeders Association

Dairy Sheep Association of North America

Finnsheep Breeders’ Association

Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America

Gulf Coast Sheep Breeders Association

Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America

International Finnsheep Registry

Jacob Sheep Breeders Association

Karakul Shepherds Alliance

Katahdin Hair Sheep International

Leicester Longwool Sheep Breeders Association

Montadale Sheep Breeders Association

National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Association

National Tunis Sheep Registry

Natural Colored Wool Growers Association

Navajo Churro Sheep Association

North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association & Registry

North American Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Registry

North American Clun Forest Association

North American Romanov Sheep Association

North American Romney Association

North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association

North American Wensleydale Sheep Association

Old English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry

Painted Desert Sheep Society

Perendale Association of North America

Royal White Sheep Association

Scottish Blackface Breeders Union

St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, Inc.

St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association

Texel Sheep Breeders Society

United Horned Hair Sheep Association

United Suffolk Sheep Association

U.S. Targhee Sheep Association

Valais Blacknose Sheep Association of North America

Valais Blacknose Sheep Society

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