ASI’s producer-driven structure includes a Board of Directors and Executive Board plus councils and committees that are tasked with developing and executing policies on issues affecting the sheep industry.

Susan Shultz, President

With her husband, Bill, and son, Joe, Shultz operates Bunker Hill Farm, a fourth-generation diversified family farm in Ohio. They breed black-faced (Suffolk) terminal sires primarily for the western range commercial industry and are committed to genetic improvement through the use of objective measurements and the National Sheep Improvement Program. Performance criteria are centered on multiple weighings for growth and the use of ultrasounds for loin eye and fat determination. The Shultz’s were the 2004 winners of the ASI Environmental Stewardship Award.

Shultz has a strong history of serving the sheep industry through numerous leadership positions including president of the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and regional director on the ASI executive board. She was co-chair of ASI’s Production, Education and Research Council, chair of the Roadmap Productivity Improvement Committee and chair of ASI’s Let’s Grow Committee.

Brad Boner, Vice President

Boner is a past president of the Wyoming Wool Growers Association who previously served as the Region VII director to the ASI Executive Board. In that capacity he represented Idaho, Montana and Wyoming within the association. He left that position in 2019 when he was elected secretary/treasurer of ASI and now serves as vice president.

A sheep and cattle producer in Glenrock, Wyoming, Boner previously was chairman of the Mountain States Lamb Cooperative and has worked tirelessly for the sheep industry as a part of ASI’s Wool Council, Lamb Council and Let’s Grow Committee.

Ben Lehfeldt, Secretary/Treasurer

A fifth-generation sheep rancher from Montana, Lehfeldt’s family has been involved in the sheep industry for 135 years. Lehfeldt has served on ASI’s Wool Council and is a director for the Montana Wool Growers Association. In addition, he served on the American Lamb Board and has been the sheep industry representative to the National Grazing Lands Coalition.

Benny Cox, Past President

Cox started his career in the livestock industry in the late 1960s with his employment at Producers Livestock Co., the largest sheep auction in the nation, while attending high school in San Angelo and then earning his bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics in 1975 at Angelo State University. Today, he remains employed at Producers as the sheep and goat sales manager.

His personal involvement in sheep, whether it be in production, feeding or trading, has lasted more than 50 years. He now has both a sheep flock and a goat herd. For many years, Cox managed the sale of anywhere between 600,000 and 800,000 head of sheep that moved through Producers; however, due to the recent drought, predation pressures, labor issues and income from hunting options, he has seen a reduction in sheep production in the area. As in the case of the 2011 drought that affected the Southwest, Cox facilitated, through both the doors of Producers and private treaty sales, the movement of breeding ewes to northern states where feed conditions were better.

Cox is a past president of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers’ Association and has been a member of ASI’s Lamb Council.

Laurie Hubbard, Region I Director

Region I = Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

With her husband, Greg, and children, Garrett and Mackenzie, the Hubbard family operates Hillside Shepherd Farm, a 90-head brood ewe sheep operation in Pennsylvania. It’s truly a family affair with the second-generation shepherds managing a flock of commercial Dorsets and the third-generation shepherds learning to hone their skills with their own purebred flocks of Tunis and Oxford. She is a graduate of Penn State University in animal science and, after graduation, worked for 10 years as the university shepherd. Laurie is currently an educator with Penn State Extension.

Laurie has been active in the Pennsylvania Sheep & Wool Growers Association for many years, serving in officer roles as well as committee chair positions, including serving as the state director for ASI several times. She has represented the seedstock industry, serving two terms on the American Lamb Board. Laurie also served on the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center Board.

Lisa Weeks, Region II Director

Region II = Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

With her husband, Larry, and daughters, Lexi and Laryn, the Weeks family are first-generation shepherds raising Katahdins since 1990. Lisa and her husband manage a 50-ewe flock while continuing to work full time off the farm. The family flock has been enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program since 2001.

The Weeks’ have been members and supporters of ASI since 1994 and Lisa has served as the Virginia state director to ASI and as a member of the Production, Education and Research Council for numerous years. She and her husband have been long time members of the Virginia Sheep Producers Association and were awarded the Roy A. Meek Outstanding Sheep Producer Award in 2016. At the local level, their farm annually hosts students from the veterinary technician program of Blue Ridge Community College for some hands-on field trips for first- and second-year students.

Anne Crider, Region III Director

Region III = Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin

Anne lives in central Illinois with her husband Dan on a crop and livestock farm, raising white and yellow food grade corn, soybeans and hay along with cattle and sheep. The family operation includes small Columbia and Romney flocks, as well as a commercial flock. With the seventh generation involved with sheep adding what they can at their young age, Anne is proud to say the entire family contributes to make it a family farm.

With backgrounds in agriculture and education, Anne has promoted and educated children and adults on farming and ranching with a strong emphasis on sheep and wool. She has been able to get hands of children and adults dirty and wet in cleaning, felting and working with wool. She has been active with the Illinois Lamb and Wool Producers and has served on the ASI Wool Council.

Steve Clements, Region IV Director

Region IV = Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Steve is a third generation sheepgrower from Western South Dakota. Along with his wife Pam they raise, sheep, cattle and hay. Steve and Pam have three children who are grown, have families and live close by. They have been active in the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association since 1992 when they got their first flock of 200 ewes. Steve has served as treasurer, vice president and president of South Dakota Sheep Growers Association.

Tammy Fisher, Region V Director

Region V = Texas

Tammy Fisher is a fifth-generation sheep, goat and cattle rancher in Sutton County, Texas. Along with her parents, Glen and Linda Fisher and her brother, David and his family, they run a large amount of acreage in rugged southwest Texas raising Rambouillet and Suffolk sheep, Boer Spanish cross goats, Cedar Eater goats, Registered Polled Hereford, Registered Angus and commercial crossbred cattle. She is an attorney with her own small town law practice.

Tammy currently serves on the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Industry Partners Committee Chair and on the American Goat Federation Board. She was recently featured in the book The Texas Ranch Sisterhood by Alyssa Banta. She is President of the Sutton County Historical Society, owns Sonora BnB, LLC, and is secretary of the Sonora Tourism Board. Tammy is a 4-H leader and avid 4-H supporter.

Bronson Corn, Region VI Director

Region VI = Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Nevada

A fifth-generation rancher from Roswell, N.M., Bronson Corn runs a diversified operation that includes fine wool sheep, cattle and goats. He served two terms as president of the New Mexico Wool Growers Association before his election to the ASI Executive Board to represent Region VI. In addition to growing up on the family ranch, Bronson attended New Mexico State University and the Texas Christian University Ranch Management Program. He resides in Roswell with his wife, Barbara, and children, Garrett and Madison.

John Noh, Region VII Director

Region VII = Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Sarah Smith, Region VII Director

Region VIII = California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

Sarah Smith is a Regional Animal Science Specialist with Washington State University Extension based in the Columbia Basin in Central Washington. Her primary responsibility is to provide educational outreach for beef cattle, sheep and hogs producers from farm to harvest. She received a B.S. in Animal Sciences and M.S. specializing in ruminant nutrition from Washington State University. Sarah also farms with her family where they raise wheat, cattle and a small farm flock of sheep.

Sarah serves as the coordinator for the highly-demand and nationally recognized annual Washington State Shearing School, a 5-day Beginner and 1-day advanced school. She is a member of the WSU MEAT Team (Meat Evaluation and Analysis Team) that is responsible for programing from farm to table, such as LAMB 300 that has been offered in the Western U.S. Sarah is a certified trainer of quality assurance programs for the various food animal species and author/trainer of the new national Youth for the Quality Care of Animal Care curriculum.

Bob Harlan, National Lamb Feeders Association