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Councils & Committees

Wool Council

The largest division of ASI, the American Wool Council, works to improve the American wool industry and to promote the usage of American wool – both in domestic and international markets.

The American Wool Council oversees wool promotion activities made possible by the Wool Trust Fund. The objective of the Wool Trust Fund program is to assist U.S. wool producers in improving the quality of wool produced in the U.S. and to assist U.S. wool producers in the development and promotion of the wool market. Primary program areas are: quality improvement, including new technology, market accessibility, market information, wool production and quality assurance; market research and promotion; and communication.

The export marketplace is becoming increasingly important for U.S. wool producers. As a result, the American Wool Council has increased its work in the international marketplace to ensure that buyers around the world are aware of the quality and availability of American wool. Funding for international market development activities comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

Lamb Council

The American Lamb Council coordinates key policies and projects to support lamb production and marketing to oversee lamb gradings, meat safety, product quality and market reporting. The Council networks with the American Lamb Board and other organizations in the interest of enhancing the quality and value of American lamb. The American Lamb Board, an entity totally separate from ASI, is responsible for the lamb merchandising activities formerly conducted by the American Lamb Council.

Legislative Action Council

In Washington, D.C., ASI is the recognized voice for sheep producers regarding sheep industry issues. The Legislative Action Council champions sheep producers’ causes in the nation’s Capital to ensure that specific programs are funded or maintained, and that key pieces of legislation are passed to ensure the continued health and profitability of the U.S. sheep industry.

Production, Education and Research Council (PERC)

The Production, Education and Research Council works on maintaining and improving the health, productivity and competitiveness of the sheep industry. Members work with the U.S. government and industry groups to prevent and control various animal diseases affecting sheep, enhance genetic improvement, educate producers and others about proper sheep husbandry and foster appropriate research and education activities.

The Animal Health Commitee, the Genetic Stakeholders Committee, and the Young & Emerging Entrepreneurs are within the Production, Education and Research Council.

Resource Management Council

Land, water, predator and other environmental issues are extremely important to U.S. sheep producers. The Resource Management Council works with other industry organizations, state and federal agencies, and state sheep producer organizations to see that the interests of sheep producers are considered in land-use regulations and wildlife management.

The Public Lands and Predator Management Committees are within the Resource Management Council.

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