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Wool & Pelt Information

American Wool Home

Information on Wool

American Wool website

Fast Facts on American Wool

Wool Factsheetsincluding wool history, wool qualities, processing, and more

Real Wool Facts

Experience the benefits of wool– brochure on the benefits of wool

American Wool Brochurelearn about the characteristics of American wool and where it goes

Wool 101 Video

Wool processing video

Global wool production

American Wool Assurance Program information

Certified Wool Programs

American Wool Assurance Programa program where wool growers can show their dedication to sheep care

Certified Wool Programscertification programs for growers and shearers

Preparation Steps for Wool Quality Improvement

Preparing & Classing Wool

Preparation Steps for Wool Quality Improvementsimple steps to maximize the value of wool

Wool Handling Videos

Code of Practice for Preparation of Wool Clips bookleta guide to preparing and sorting wool

Upcoming Wool Classing and Handling Schools can be found on the ASI Calendar

Wool Classer Programinformation on becoming a Wool Classer

Wool Contamination Informationinformational brochure

Poly Contamination Informationinformational brochure

Image of sheep being sheared.


Shearer Directory

Preparing for Shearinga list of steps to prepare for shearing, printable 8.5″x14″ trifold brochure

Certified Shearer Declaration and Checklist– become a Certified Shearer

Learning to Shear

Steps to storing wool properly and to maintain it's value

Packing & Labeling

Packaging Wool– informational brochure

Labeling Wool– informational brochure

Wool Bale Press Recordrecords can also be purchased at 

Image of the OFDA2000 used for wool testing

Wool Testing

Commercial Testing – The Bill Sims Wool and Mohair Research Laboratory in Texas is now accepting commercial core samples for testing. Samples may also be sent to the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority (NZWTA).

Individual Fleece Testing – please find a full list of wool testing laboratories in the U.S. below.

Wool Testing Laboratories in the U.S.

New Zealand Wool Testing Authority

Image of the ASI Market App

Wool Market & Prices

Current Markets & Prices

Pricing Wool– informational brochure

USDA Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs)– growers are encouraged to utilize LDP payments

Image of wool

Specialty Markets

How To Shear Sheep & Why It’s Importantvideo by the Livestock Conservancy

Producing Wool for Specialty Markets ASI webinar

Preparing and Selling for Specialty Markets– ASI webinar

Image of sheepskin boots


The American Lambskin Advantagebrochure on U.S. lambskins

Sheepskin Terms Glossary

Lambskin Medical Padsinformational brochure

USDA Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs) Unshorn lamb pelts are eligible for USDA LDP payments

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