Two Contractors Hired for ASI Duties

Two Contractors Hired to Take on ASI Council/Committee Duties

ASI Executive Director

As you read, ASI Deputy Director Paul Rodgers has announced his retirement, effective July 6.

Many of you have worked with Paul and know of the value he provides to the association and industry leaders. We congratulate him on his retirement announcement and thank him for his gracious advance notice to help us with the transition for people to pick up those responsibilities as Paul worked closely with several of ASI’s councils and committees. 

For the next couple of months, please continue your contact with Paul as usual for councils/committees – primarily the Lamb Council, Production, Education and Research Council, Animal Health Committee and Genetic Stakeholders Committee. For this second half of the ASI fiscal year – and we envision long-term – we have expanded contracts with two individuals that Paul and I will be coordinating with to assume the role that Paul serves. 

We expanded a contract with Erica Sanko of California on lamb reporting, economic analysis and lamb topics. We have also expanded a contract with Amy Hendrickson of Wyoming to assist with PERC and its committee and education programs and research. We will keep you in the loop as we progress through the rest of the year with the transition.

Please let me know of questions or requests.

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