Lamb Resource Adds Ethnic Information

Lamb Resource Adds Ethnic Information

The hub for American lamb industry information – – has been updated with valuable industry information, reports and marketing tools.

The American Lamb Board is particularly excited about a comprehensive new report on the Detroit non-traditional lamb market produced by Michigan State University as part of the lamb checkoff. ALB recently funded this MSU project to better understand the dynamics and preferences within the Detroit non-traditional lamb market.

The first step of the project was research that evaluated the Detroit market dynamics. These findings were the foundation for developing marketing guidelines for producers to: 1. strengthen relationships with non-traditional buyers; 2. help produce lambs with the qualities these markets value.

While the non-traditional market is extremely important in the Detroit area, producers in Michigan also sell through traditional channels. To help producers figure out which channels fit their situation, MSU developed a unique profit calculator tool. It allows producers to evaluate marketing options based on their management practices, animal performance and current costs. This is a powerful tool that can assist producers in making marketing decisions and also in evaluating changes in production methods or farming improvements. It allows a producer the opportunity to evaluate traditional versus non-traditional marketing options prior to sale and also to see how altering production practices might impact profitability.

Check out the new MSU Non-Traditional profit calculator, user’s guide and full report on the website. While there, take a look at all of the marketing tools and resources ALB has compiled for producers:

• Promotional tools: the American Lamb Board has a wide variety of checkoff-funded promotional tools available for industry members to promote American lamb. Be sure to check out the latest recipe booklet that you can order now. CeLAMBrate with Adventurous Flavors: Easy Entertaining with American Lamb Appetizers has eight new recipes and photos. It’s perfect for promoting American lamb at local events.

• Industry organizations and meetings: ASI’s Let’s Grow program has new reports and videos that can be accessed directly from the home page.

• Studies and reports: ALB funds a number of ongoing projects that monitor the lamb market, retail sales, menu and consumer trends and more.

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