2017 Photo Contest Winners

2017  ASI Photo Contest

Action, First Place
Ashley Loyd, California
Home Free

Action, Second Place
Larry Blain, Utah

New Snow

Action, Third Place
Jenny Osguthorpe, Utah

Open, First Place
Ashley Loyd, California
Loading Up

Open, Second Place
Kristin Bieber, Montana
Feeding Ewes

Open, Third Place
Linda Dufurrena, Nevada
Horns of a Ram

Scenic West, First Place
Brad Osguthorpe, Utah
Fall is in the Air Out West

Scenic West, Second Place
Sharon Salisbury O’Toole, Wyoming
Lambing Shed

Scenic West, Third Place
Kathleen Brown, Montana
Evening Watch

Scenic East, First Place
Amy Kidd, North Carolina
Huck & Finn

Scenic East, Second Place
Sharon Woolman, Michigan
Mother’s Love

Scenic East, Third Place
Amy Schwake, Wisconsin
Super Moon

Fine Wool, First Place
Elaine Britol, Michigan
Beautiful Inside and Out

Fine Wool, Second Place
Morgan McKenzie, Oregon

Fine Wool, Third Place
Holly Ollila, South Dakota
The Warmest Spot

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