Let's Grow Supports Education

Let’s Grow Supports Education

One way in which the Let’s Grow Committee has chosen to spend a portion of the significant investment ASI has made in the sheep industry in recent years is through continuing education seminars.

The reach of such programs is nearly unlimited, as sheep producers, potential producers and others take the opportunity to learn from industry experts on topics ranging from out-of-season lambing to nutrition to upgrading the wool clip.

For example, webinars such as those put on by Optimal Agriculture Consulting (read more about the most recent one on lamb meat quality on the previous page) have drawn hundreds of producers from every state and Canadian province. The next webinar – Selecting for Parasite Resistance – is scheduled for Aug. 22. Look for registration details for the webinar online at GrowOurFlock.org as the date approaches. Much of the value in the webinars comes in the fact that they are archived online and can be accessed for years to come.

For those who prefer a non-digital format, there are also a number of information seminars coming up this summer that have received support from the Let’s Grow Committee.

Let’s Grow the Sheep Industry in the South Central U.S.

Scheduled for June 9-10 at the fairgrounds in Hope, Ark., the goal of this program is to further increase and improve the sheep industry in this area. This will be achieved by providing an educational forum for producers, focusing on how they can successfully raise and market their sheep.

Midwest Commercial Sheep Production Workshop

Set for June 17 at the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, this workshop will address the profitable management of sheep production in the Upper Midwest through three main points: accelerated lambing, determining market readiness for lambs and integrating sheep with row crop production.

For more information, visit IowaSheepandWoolFestival.com.

Texas Sheep and Goat Expo

On Aug. 18-19 in San Angelo, Texas, the annual Texas Sheep and Goat Expo will be held along with the annual Sheep and Goat Field Day. The expo will once again provide a unique event that focuses on the educational needs of sheep and goat producers. The first expo was conducted in 2015 and has been very successful the past two years in educating sheep producers on management strategies and new technology that address productivity and profitability.

For more information, visit SanAngelo.tamu.edu/events.

ASI’s Young Entrepreneur Tour

Members of ASI’s Young Entrepreneur Committee will head to South Dakota this summer for a first-hand look at area sheep operations as they work to incorporate tried-and-true methods into their own plans for the future. The trip will also provide the young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to share their own experiences as they make plans for growing their existing operations.

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