ASI Submits Nominees for ALB, NSIIC

ASI Submits Nominees for ALB, NSIIC

The ASI executive board has provided a slate of nominees for the Secretary of Agriculture to consider for appointment to the boards of the American Lamb Board and the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.

The nominations to the ALB seat for a producer with more than 500 head of lambs are David Quam (Texas) and Gary Visintainer, DVM (Colo.). Gary Jorgensen (Kan.) and Terry Felda (Ore.) have been nominated for the seat serving producers with less than 100 head of lambs.

Candidates for the three open positions to the NSIIC board were also selected. Jeremy Geske (Minn.) and David Trotter (Ind.) were put forward for the first producer director seat. Steve Lewis (N.M.), Cody Hiemke (Wis.) and Jeremy Geske (Minn.) were chosen for the seat with expertise in finance and marketing. Brenda Reau (Mich.) and Laurie Hubbard (Penn.) were put forward for the second producer director seat.

ASI is a certified nominating organization for the boards of both organizations and supplies the U.S. Department of Agriculture with a list of nominees on an annual basis. ASI would like to thank those who have volunteered to participate and knows that those selected will represent the sheep industry well in the years to come.

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