Wool Council Joined by Military for Mill Tour

Wool Council Joined by Military for Southeast U.S. Mill Tour

As the single largest domestic buyer of American wool, it’s important that the United States Military understands all that wool has to offer when it comes to outfitting American soldiers, airmen and sailors. That’s why the ASI Wool Council hosted a joint tour with military decision makers through Chargeurs Wool, Burlington Worldwide and Nester Hosiery (Farm to Feet) in late October.

“We’re trying to remind the U.S. Military why they use wool,” said ASI Deputy Director Rita Kourlis Samuelson. “This isn’t your grandma’s wool sweater. Wool is naturally fire resistant, which protects our soldiers when they are exposed to fire hazards. Wool is comfortable in that it breathes. There are so many properties that make it an ideal fabric for a soldier to wear.”

Wool Council Chair Ken Wixom of Idaho knew the trip would be beneficial for both the council members and military leaders.

“We had the wonderful opportunity to explain that we have a good supply of wool that is adequate to meet the military’s specifications,” he said. “This was the perfect way to show them first-hand.”

Check out videos from the tour at Youtube.com/user/SheepUSA1.

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