NSIIC Requests Proposals

NSIIC Requests Proposals

The National Sheep Industry Improvement Center Board of Directors is accepting grant proposals for projects designed to improve the U.S. sheep industry.
Applications will be accepted for the Sheep Production and Marketing Grant Program through Sept. 15. The center is provided funding for this program by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service through the 2014 Farm Bill.

This year, approximately $300,000 is available for the program.  The average grant amount is typically around $27,000. Grant funding can be used on activities designed to strengthen and enhance the production and marketing of sheep and sheep products in the United States. This includes infrastructure development, business development, production, resource development, and market and environmental research.

Grant funding awarded by the center must accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

• Strengthen and improve long-term sustainability of the lamb and wool industry’s infrastructure by increasing production.

• Provide integration of performance/production data from sources that can help enhance the sheep industry within the United States.

• Provide leadership training and education to sheep industry producers and packers.

• Enhance sheep production by improving infrastructure of the American sheep industry through assistance to all segments of the industry to address sustainable production and marketing of sheep milk, meat, fiber and related services such as grazing and ranch management.

• Promote lamb marketing through an organized method that can measure tangible results.

• Enhance the sheep industry by coordinating information exchange and seeking mutual understanding and marketing within the industry community.

The board will review each proposal and submit final recommendations to AMS for approval. More information on the nine-member board is on the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center page of the AMS website and on the center’s website at NSIIC.org

For more information, contact Steve Lee, Program Manager, at National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, PO Box 646, Rockland, ME 04841; 207-236-6567; or via email at stevelee@nsiic.org.

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