Photo Contest Winners

Photo Contest Winners


First Place: Linda Osguthorpe, Best of the West

Second Place: Shelby Jorgensen, Ewe Know the Way

Third Place: James Napoli, Checking the New Lamb


First Place: Kristin Bieber, The Inseparable Odd Pair

Second Place: Sara Bronkema, Waiting for Winter

Third Place: Susan Handschuh, The Twins

Scenic West

First Place: Ashley Carreiro, I’ve Been Spotted

Second Place: Nicole Schwebach, A Fine Day in May

Third Place: Woody Babcock, Ocean Front Grazing

Scenic East

First Place: Amy Schwake, Grazing in the Spring

Second Place: James Napoli, Corinth Sheep

Third Place: Cody Hiemke, Through the Fence

Fine Wool

First Place: Rhonda McClure, Duncan’s Preview

Second Place: Ashley Carreiro, Wool Classing

Third Place: Grady Lynn Holt, Almost Finished

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