PERC Hears Survey Results

PERC Hears Survey Results

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The old adage seems to apply to the sheep industry, according to a survey conducted by Larry Miller, Ph.D., which he subsequently presented to the Production, Education and Research Council in Scottsdale.

The survey included producers, feeders, packers and wool processors and buyers. Results were similar to those found in other surveys conducted in the last seven years, said Miller.

“It is important to recognize demographic differences when implementing priorities for research and educational resources,” he said. “Producer priorities and challenges vary by demographic groups, such as geographic regions and flock size, but there are many similarities.”

Issues such as labor and flock health were important regardless of geographic location, for instance. The labor issue, however, was less of a concern for smaller flocks. Just as there are some differences based on flock size, there are differences based on location. Western producers listed government regulation, as a challenge, while the issue was rarely mentioned by producers in the East.

The council heard presentations from Maggie Highland, DVM, and Brett Taylor, Ph.D., and dealt with several policy issues related mostly to animal health.

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