News in Brief

News in Brief

Shepherd’s Club Can Help

In an effort to help its customers and the industry get the veterinary expertise they desire, Pipestone Veterinary Services has developed a new service called The Shepherd’s Club. The clinic’s staff will answer questions in the office during business hours and be available via email 24/7.

The Shepherd’s Club allows Pipestone to continue to offer top notch expertise to sheep owners. Through the utilization of technology, the company can continue to increase the level of service provided to those with limited vet resources close to home. For $60 per year, Pipestone Shepherd’s Club members will have exclusive access to the following educational pieces:

• Sheep & Goat Helpful Tip Calendar

• Nine printed newsletters per year

• Access to four strategic webinars per year addressing:

    • Lambing Time Preparation and Lamb Health

    • Parasite Control and Vaccines and Breeding

• Signed copy of Pipestone Sheep & Goat Manual

• $10 Pipestone Veterinary Services Coupon

• 2016 Sheep and Goat Catalog

Call 800-658-2523 or visit for information.

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