Farm Tour For Veterans

Farm Tour for Veterans

The Farmer-Veteran Coalition sponsored a Sept. 10 tour of Elly’s Acres Farm in Jamesville, N.Y. The sheep operation is run by ASI wool consultant and retired U.S. Army Col. John Lemondes.

“This is really a chance for veterans to see what farmers are doing before jumping in with both feet,” Lemondes said. “The morning is mostly a tour of the farm, and the afternoon includes presentations by the Farmer-Veteran Coalition. I was able to provide the 20 to 25 people on the tour with a good understanding of everything that’s going on in our operation while promoting the sheep industry to prospective farmers.”

While the tour group included veterans ranging from those who already own farm land to those who are still considering if agriculture is right for them, every one in attendance showed definite interest in Lemondes’ operation.

“It was a great day for everyone,” he said.

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