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It’s Been an Honor to Serve the U.S. Sheep Industry

By Clint Krebs

My term as President of the American Sheep Industry Association has now ended. It has been not only been a great honor to represent the 70,000 plus sheep producers, lamb feeders, and all of our Industry partners for the last two years.
It also has been very educational for me.
Most of the time; it has also been fun.
I never dreamed that a ranch kid from rural Eastern Oregon would ever have the opportunity to testify in Congress, and help make decisions on the national level.
The best part of the job is getting to meet hundreds of people from all across this county. The hospitality of sheep people is second to none, and to watch firsthand the commitment people make, not only to raise their own sheep, but to help others and the industry as a whole; is truly amazing.
I found these similar traits in people with 20 head of sheep in the Southeast, 200 head in the Midwest, or 2000 head in the West. It reaffirmed what I have always known, that when we domesticated the sheep we accepted the role of taking care of that animal, and in return the animal provides us with food and fiber.
It is very easy to see why sheep producers treat other people with the same understanding.
Certainly being President was made a whole lot easier by having a great staff. ASI is privileged to have these talented staff people, who not only do their job very well, but they also have a great understanding of our industry. They care. I would like to thank every one of them for their help, (and I needed a lot of help) and assistance they have provided me over the last two years. They have accomplished what Glen Fisher instructed them to do two years ago when he told them to “not let me screw things up.”
Being an officer has given me the opportunity to work with many people on the executive Board and all of the various Committees of ASI. To my fellow officers and colleagues, thank-you, for your time and guidance, it made my job easier.
I have to take the time to thank a large group of people, who made it possible for me to serve, and this group includes my entire family, my employees, and my friends and neighbors. Everyone stepped up to make sure things were running well at home, which allowed me the time off.
My son and partner has commented many of times that “I didn’t do anything when I was home, so I might as well be gone.”

Now I can say “You have proved you can run this ranch without me so now I am going to retire.”

However it works out, a very sincere thank you to this group, not only for the extra work but for the support everyone provided.
Yes, my wife, Maureen, deserves most of the credit. She has been the sounding board for all the issues we have worked on, has been my travel planner and organizer. She has been my proofreader, has kept me up on all the events and phone calls, I would have forgotten, and has kept me properly dressed, most of the time.
Thank you, Maureen.
Now, on to the future.
I know Burton and the new ASI Team will insure positive results for the American Sheep Industry. I offer my help in any way you see it might be needed, and with that I am looking forward to joining a pretty special group of “Has Beens.”
It has been a privilege to serve as your President. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.
I have enjoyed writing this column. I have received comments of appreciation from those of you who have enjoyed reading it, so building on your compliments, I have decided to attempt to write a book.
I have pretty much written about everything I know about sheep, so I have chosen to write a novel about my second best field of expertise; Romance.
I will take pre-orders if anyone is interested.
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