Connecting with Farm Broadcasters

Connecting with Farm Broadcasters

ASI Director of Industry Information

Burton Pfliger (N.D.), ASI president, chatted it up with farm broadcasters during Trade Talk 2015, the centerpiece event of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters National Convention, in Kansas City, Mo., on Nov. 12.

“I enjoy participating in Trade Talk and interacting with farm broadcasters from across the country,” comments Pfliger. “There is great satisfaction in providing industry material that has the potential to educate producers in the various markets.”

Interviews focused on the recently published rule affecting the special provisions for H-2A sheepherders and the impact on operations utilizing these valuable workers. The effects of the Let’s Grow grant program on industry growth stimulated conversation while questions continue to be addressed regarding the perceived disease transmission between domestic and bighorn sheep and its bearing on public lands grazing.

Trade Talk connects the ag industry with broadcasters to discuss issues and topics important to organizations, associations and companies. This must-attend event provides opportunities for networking and connecting with farm broadcasters.

It has been calculated that during previous Trade Talk events, more than 2,500 interviews were conducted and those interviews had a collective air-time value among member stations and networks of $585,066.

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