ALB Roadmap Committees Selected

ALB Roadmap Committees Selected

The Lamb Industry Roadmap took another step forward in April with the selection of committee members that will work together to build and implement the ongoing project.

The objective of the Roadmap, ALB Chairman Dan Lippert noted, is to execute strategies “that will significantly strengthen the American Lamb industry and increase demand for our products.” A 19-person advisory group was initially appointed to guide the project, and input was gathered from all sectors of the industry: large and small producers from all parts of the country, feeders, processors, direct marketers, pure-bred and show industries, researchers and large industry organizations.

The Implementation Committee, chaired by Bob Ludwig of the Hale Group, will conduct monthly conference calls for the next two years. The committee will also solicit progress reports from other committees and identify challenges along the way. Each committee will also hold regular conferences and work on specific assigned goals.

Implementation Committee

Bob Ludwig – Chair
Roadmap Facilitator MA

Wes Patton
Seedstock Producer CA

Cody Heimke
Marketer/Producer WI

Clint Krebs
Producer OR

Burdell Johnson
Producer ND

Clark Willis
Producer UT

Milt Ward
Feeder ID

Reid Redden
Research/Extension ND

Dennis Stiffler
Fabricator NY

Rick Stott
Packer CA

Greg Deakin
Editor, The Banner IL

Paul Russell
Producer IN

Richard Hamilton
Producer CA

Product Characteristics Committee

Henry Zerby – Co-Chair
Meat Scientist OH

Daryl Tatum – Co-Chair
Meat Scientist CO

Bob Harlan
Feeder WY

Elizabeth Dressler
Fabricator CO

Keith Belk
Meat Scientist CO

Bill Sessions
NAMA staff advisor CA

Marsha Spykerman
Producer IA

Mike Caskey
Pipestone MN

Demand Creation Committee

Nick Forrest – Chair
Producer OH

Gary Pfeiffer
Packer CA

David Gage
Fabricator CO

Antonio Manzanares
Direct marketer NM

Benny Cox
Producer TX

Don Van Nostran
Direct marketer OH

Don Watson
Direct marketer CA

Joanne Evans
Producer PA

Jeff Hasbrouck
Feeder CO

John Oswalt
Producer MI

Productivity Improvement Committee

Susan Shultz – Chair
Producer OH

Gary Visintainer
Producer CO

Mike Corn
Producer NM

Stan Potratz
Producer IA

Ryan Indart
Feeder CA

Glen Fisher
Producer TX

John Helle
Producer MT

Chris Schauer
Producer ND

John Carlson
Producer IL

Richard Ehrhardt
Research/Extension MI

Susan Schoenian
Sheep Extension MD

Industry Communications Committee

Frank Moore – Chair
Producer WY

Dan Lippert
Feeder MN

Ben Lehfeldt
Producer/Feeder MT

Burton Pfliger
Producer ND

Peter Orwick
ASI, Exec Director CO

Steve Schreier
Feeder MN

Megan Wortman
ALB, Exec Director CO

Greg Ahart
Packer CA

Kevin Quam
Packer CO

Implementation Committee Liasons

Dennis Stiffler
Product Characteristics

Cody Heimke
Demand Creation

Reid Redden
Productivity Improvement

Paul Russell
Industry Communications

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