'Ewe Read' Gathers Input from Attendees

‘Ewe Read’ Gathers Input From Attendees

Sheep Industry News Editor Contributor

Many people are not aware of the source of this nation’s food supply. To combat this issue, the ASI Women, headed by Anne Crider of Illinois, have launched the “Ewe Read” educational program targeted at young people.

“This is a program that we pulled together to teach the general public about wool and sheep,” Crider said. “So many people think that their food comes from Walmart, and they are not aware of the work it takes to get the product on the shelves, be it wool or food.”

“Ewe Read” encourages sheep producers to conduct programs and projects at their local schools that will educate children and young adults about the sheep industry. During the ASI convention, many ideas for possible educational programs were shared by producers including:

• School reading program – there are many children’s books about sheep
• Get involved with the local 4-H or Future Farmers of America programs
• Teach groups how to felt wool. This is always a fun project
• Conduct sheep-themed arts and crafts projects
• Host field trips to your farm

Most schools welcome guest speakers and programs, and sheep industry educational programs can be worked into the curriculum in a variety of subject areas, including math, science, home economics and English. Those interested in launching “Ewe Read” programs can contact Anne Crider at www.cornerpostfarm.com. She has a variety of books about sheep for purchase and a plethora of craft project ideas.

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