ASI 150th Anniversary Blankets & Pillows Now Available

ASI 150th Anniversarry Blanket & Pillows Now Available

Blankets and pillows designed to commemorate ASI’s 150th anniversary were delivered in June by Pendelton Woolen Mills and are now available for purchase.

ASI’s Sheep Heritage Foundation commissioned the blankets, each made with 100 percent American wool and numbered in a limited edition series. Preferred numbered blankets are available on a first-come, firstserved basis.

Designers of the blankets focused on the many aspects that currently and historically make up the sheep industry, incorporating both the figurative and the literal. The geography of the nation is implied by the cut-out peaks, valleys, plateaus and hills in the horizontal tan stripe. Above and below this stripe sit interwoven strands, representing the literal weaving of wool. The designs stress the inter-weavings and community of the sheep industry.

The ASI logo sits prominently in the center, bordered by the horizontal graphic elements. The cream background has a subtle pattern, implying wool strands and a crosssection, of sorts, of years gone by.

For practical purposes, the soft, warm colors are natural and welcoming, and also neutral enough to work with a variety of home décors.

Prices for the blankets and pillows were set during this year’s ASI convention in Charleston:

• $175 for an individual pillow
• $300 for a pair of pillows
• $750 for a single blanket
• $1,000 for the entire set

To order the blankets and pillows, call ASI at 303-771-3500.

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