Site's Goal is to Link Growers to Landowners

Site’s Goal is to Link Growers to Landowners

An Oregon sheep grower has been raising funds to build the website targetedgrazing. com, which he hopes will be a place where landowners connect with livestock operations for “targeted grazing” projects.

“These ‘targeted grazing’ projects are broad based, from grazing crops to range land and these projects are opening up a vast amount of land for sheep, goats and cattle,” explained Cody Wood, whose sheep operation is in Junction City, Ore.

What is Targeted Grazing? In short it’s a land management with livestock. Livestock operations use their animals to remove or control vegetation. This allows landowners to move away from mowing, burning and herbicides.

“Often, grazing is a cheaper more environmentally friendly way to manage land,” said Wood. “The three species used for grazing projects are sheep, goats and cattle. Goats are great for clearing out brush, sheep help control broad leaf weeds and Cattle can remove grass like nothing else. It makes since then that landowners would use these animals as a tool for managing their land.”

Wood, stated sheep farming by grazing a large vineyard with 500 barrowed sheep, now rents land for his flock. He said he had trouble finding a place for growers and landowners to connect online. Wood’s goal for is to link these parts of the sheep industry together in one place.

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