Nov. 15 Deadline for ASI Awards

Nov. 15 Deadline for ASI Awards

(Nov. 1, 2013) Nov. 15 marks the deadline for the submission of nominations for the annual American Sheep Industry Association awards. 

There are three award categories available for nomination:

The McClure Silver Ram Award is dedicated to volunteer commitment and service and is presented to a sheep producer who has made substantial contributions to the sheep industry and its organizations in his/her state, region or nation. The award may recognize a lifetime of achievement or may recognize a noteworthy, shorter-term commitment and service to the industry. Nominees should be recognized as industry leaders with nominations spelling out the candidates’ contributions to the industry and its producers. Producers should be actively involved in sheep production and may or may not produce sheep as their sole income. However, their nominations should not be based in any part on a paid position serving the sheep industry.

The Camptender Award recognizes industry contributions from a professional in a position or field related to sheep production. Nominees should show a strong commitment and a significant contribution to the sheep industry, its organizations and its producers above and beyond what is called for in his/her professional capacity. Nominees should be well respected in their fields by their peers and by sheep producers. Nominees may be involved with the industry as teachers, consultants, scientists, youth leaders, promoters, event managers, journalists or any other position directly related to the sheep industry, enabling the nominee to affect the sheep industry in a positive and long-lasting way. Nominees may be recognized for lifetime service to the sheep industry or may be recognized for a shorter-term commitment that resulted in significant benefits for the sheep industry.

The Shepherd’s Voice Award for Media recognizes outstanding year-long coverage of the sheep industry in either print or broadcast. The award excludes all publications and affiliates related solely to the sheep industry, allowing for recognition of outlets with general coverage for excellence in covering sheep industry issues. Nominations may be publications, networks or specific reporters exhibiting a strong commitment to balanced reporting and consistent coverage of the sheep industry locally, statewide and/or nationally.

Nominations must be postmarked by Nov. 15. (Please note that past award recipients are not eligible.) Awards will be presented at the ASI Convention, Jan. 22-25, 2014, in Charleston, S.C.

To receive a nomination application, call or email ASI: (303) 771-3500; . The one-page nomination form can also be downloaded from ASI’s website, , by clicking on the “2014 Awards Program” link located on the home page.

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