20 Years of Service

20 Years of Service

(March 1, 2012) With nine presidents of the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) congratulating him, Peter Orwick, ASI executive director, was recognized for his past 20 years of leadership and dedication to the industry at the annual convention.

In her recognition speech, Margaret Soulen Hinson, ASI president, said, “Rarely does ASI give out our most prestigious award.  It is only given to an individual who has exhibited exceptional dedication, support and leadership for our industry.” 

She cited a number of programs that have come to fruition due to Orwick’s leadership, including:

  • a successful 201 trade action which established the Wool Trust and the first National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, now the industry has a second sheep center;
  • the association has returned to a strong financial position with solid financial management;
  • relationships have been established with other sheep-producing countries creating a means of sharing research and information;  
  • development of a risk management tool for lamb; 
  • superwash is back in this country strengthening this country’s wool and textile industry;
  • the lamb check-off was established;
  • a ewe lamb retention program was provided to the industry; and
  • ASI has become a leader in defense of the Wildlife Services program. 

“All of the past presidents on this stage have had the pleasure of working with him. He has made our job easy. He has been the consistent, solid voice and guide behind the U.S. sheep industry,” said Soulen Hinson as she handed Orwick a bronze.

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