Executive Board Makes ALB and NSIIC Nominations

Executive Board Makes ALB and NSIIC Nominations

(July 1, 2012) In separate conference calls, the American Sheep Industry Association’s (ASI) Executive Board made nominations to the American Lamb Board (ALB) and the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center (NSIIC). At least two producer nominations are required for each open seat on the boards. 

Nominations approved to the ALB were Betty Sampsel (Mont.) and Wendy Feller (Ind.) for the 100-500 lambs producer position and Angelo (Butch) Theos (Colo.) and Cindy Siddoway (Idaho) for the over 500 lambs producer position. 

Janet Mawhinney (Penn.) and Bob Benson (Ind.) were nominated for the open producer seat on the NSIIC board. Glen Fisher (Texas), Tom Kourlis (Colo.) and David Johnson (Wisc.) were put forward for the open finance and management seat. 

Other actions of the ASI executive board included: 
Approval for ASI to join the Public Lands Council in challenging the U.S. Forest Service Planning Rule. The new planning rule not only retains the species viability provision that created the issue over wild sheep and grazing but, in fact, expands the definition. The board voted to commit up to $5,000 in financial support. 

Approval for ASI to provide $50,000 from Guard Dog funds to support Mountain Plains Ag Service and Western Range’s legal intervention against a lawsuit challenging the Department of Labor to support the Special Procedures for Sheepherders. Without these special procedures, the nearly 500 producers who use sheepherders would be unable to bring workers into the United States. 

President Margaret Soulen Hinson indicated ASI’s support to ALB for consideration of a lamb industry summit to address problems in today’s lamb market and asked ALB to share their coordination requests, budget and implementation findings following its June 21-22 meeting.

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