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January 28, 2011

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Denver, Colo. – A longtime member of the U.S. wool industry was recognized for his years of service during the Wool Recognition Lunch at the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI)/National Lamb Feeders Association Convention on Jan. 20. Angus McColl, owner of Yocom-McColl Testing Laboratories Inc., Denver, Colo., was this year’s deserving recipient of this industry award.

McColl graduated from the University of Wyoming after immigrating to the United States from Scotland where he was involved in family farming operations. Yocom-McColl Testing Laboratories Inc. was formed in 1963 by Angus McColl and Ira Yocom as an independent wool and animal-fiber testing facility and utilizes American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) procedures and methods when testing fibers.

The lab operates on both Sirolan LaserScan and OFDA100 instruments for the measurement of fiber diameter and distribution. McColl has been actively involved in developing equipment for raw wool in a commercial testing laboratory environment and has promoted correlation testing in the textile industry. He is currently a member of ASTM D13-13 wool committee and has represented the United States at annual technical meetings of the IWTO. Over the years, Yocom-McColl helped to develop new standards by measuring wool, mohair, cashmere, llama and alpaca samples to support acceptance of ASTM testing methods written by Robert Stobart, Ph.D., University of Wyoming (ASTM 6466-99 for LaserScan); and Christopher Lupton, Ph.D., Texas A&M University (ASTM 6500-00 for OFDA100).

“Over the years, Angus’ bread and butter has been sampling core-tested wools for clean yield and average fiber diameter … I’ve always been impressed with Angus’ interest in research and technology and his willingness to participate in research projects,” said award presenter, Lupton.

Through McColl’s dedication and integrity, he has helped the wool industry throughout North America, as was evidence by the words offered in recognition during the awards banquet.

Rick Powers, trading manager at Lempriere USA Inc., said that his company and the industry cannot thank McColl enough for his work.

“Without his testing house, our business would completely stop. I just want to thank Angus for his dedication over the years,” Powers related.

“It’s a humbling effect to have your peers think so highly of you,” McColl said upon receiving the award. “It’s almost been 50 years that I have been in fiber, and it’s been an honor working with the wool industry.”

ASI is a national organization supported by 45 state sheep associations, benefiting the interests of more than 82,000 sheep producers.

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