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National Sheep Industry Improvement Center – Nominations

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service is seeking nominations for two producer positions and one vacancy for a person with expertise in marketing on the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center beginning in early 2024. The American Sheep Industry Association is certified to nominate individuals to serve on the board and is seeking nominations by April 24 to forward to USDA/AMS.

This year, three vacant positions will occur for the 2024 Board. There are two vacancies for a sheep producer and one vacancy for a person with expertise in marketing. Jeremy Geske and Brenda Reau are not eligible for reappointment as producers and Steve Lewis is not eligible for reappointment as an expert in marketing.

AMS’ policy is that diversity of the boards it oversees should reflect the diversity of their industries in terms of the experience of members, methods of production and distribution, marketing strategies and other distinguishing factors, including but not limited to individuals from historically underserved communities that will bring different perspectives and ideas to the table. Throughout the full nomination process, the industry must conduct extensive outreach, paying particular attention to reaching underserved communities, and consider the diversity of the population served and the knowledge, skills and abilities of the members to serve a diverse population.

USDA/AMS requires two nominations for each open position. Nominations – including the application and agreement to serve forms – must be submitted by April 24 to ASI Executive Director Peter Orwick at

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