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Sheep Industry News

A publication of the American Sheep Industry

Sheep Industry News July 2024

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
NSIP Hires New Executive Director
Reverse Trade Missions Spur Wool Sales
ASI Submits ALB, NSIIC Nominations
Cabriejo Ranch Builds Western Operation in Rural Missouri
Farm Bill Inches Forward
Meet the Exec. Board
Sheep Industry Briefs


Sheep Industry News June 2024

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
Donate Now to Support Guard Dog, Sheep Heritage
Guard Dog Fund Contributions
2024 ASI Photo Contest Now Accepting Entries
Webinar Discusses Public Lands Grazing During Disease Outbreak
Producers Need To Be Involved in Predator Management
Dutch Sheep Bear Resemblance to Dalmatians, Holsteins
Sheep nutrition

Sheep Industry News May 2024

President’s Notes
Market Report
Guidance Criteria for Public Lands Grazing During FMD Outbreak Released
National Lamb Feeders Association Learship School Visits Oregon
Missouri Producer Believes In Direct-to-Consumer Model
WS Posts Data on Management, Funding
Thermopolis to Host Wyo. Sheep & Wool Festival

April 2024 SIN

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
ALB Offers Funding Opportunities
ASI Leads Support for Wildlife Services
SSWS Plan Videos Now Available
Kentucky School District Puts Lamb on Lunch Menu
Small Wisconsin Mill Has Big Reputation
ASI Wraps Up Successful Spring Trip to Washington, D.C.
ASI Seeking Nominations for ALB, NSIIC
Forest Service Museum Seeks Support

March 2024 SIN

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
ASI Shearing Grants Awarded
Shearers Balance Competing Interests
Shearers Compete for National Titles
Rosemary and Thyme Creamery Makes a Name for Itself in Northwest Georgia
Changing your lambing calendar

Sheep Industry February 2024

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
Campaign Launched to Defeat Denver Ballot Measure Prohibiting Slaughterhouses
Annual Convention Wraps Up in Denver
Farm Bill Discussion Opens Convention
Innovative Topics Lead Wool Discussions
American Lamb’s Journey Continues
PERC Investigates Sheep Solar Grazing
Animal Health Hears Research Advances
Industry Hands Out Annual Awards
Realizing a Return on Genetic Selection
Inheritable Traits & Selection Indexes
Council Prepares for Disease Outbreak
YE Group Fired Up For American Lamb
ALB Announces Grazing Workshops
USDA Announces 2024 Wool MAL Rates

Sheep Industry News January 2024

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
Groenewold To Be Honored Posthumously
ASI Announces 2024 Award Winners
Got Sheep’s Milk?

December 2023 SIN

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
Make Plans to Attend Your First Annual Convention
Greg Groenewold Named Wool Excellence Winner
USDA Announces ALB, NSIIC Appointments
Making the Most of USDA Assistance Programs
Guard Dog Contributors
Maximize Revenue Opportunity from Cull Ewes

Sheep Industry News November 2023

President’s Notes
Mixed Signals in the Market
ASI Accepting Awards Nominations
Industry Educational Opportunities
Research Project Secures Arlington Sheep Unit’s Future
2024 ASI Annual Convention
Wyoming Man Looking to Restore Sheep King Mansion

Sheep Industry News October 2023

President’s Notes
Prices Trending Upward
Next Generation Examines Genetic Future
Great Lakes Lamb Achieves AWA Level III Certification
Wisconsin Festival Offers Variety to Large Crowds
Purina Announces New Products
Miller, Johnson Retire From Board

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