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Sheep Industry News

A publication of the American Sheep Industry

Sheep Industry news September 2023

President’s Notes
Prices and production
ASI Executive Board Meets in Idaho
RTM’s Bring Foreign Wool Buyers to United States
Young Entrepreneurs Tour Idaho
Former ASI President Jim Magagna Remains A Political Force
Managing Mineral Intake Is An Easy Fix

Sheep Industry News August 2023

President’s Notes
Some Good News in Lamb Markets
Council Gets Look at Pendleton Mill
Moving Forward in the American Sheep Industry
Meet the Research Leaders at NSIP
Data Management for the American Sheep Producer
Seedstock Producers Adopt Emerging Technologies
Technology Proving Invaluable In Combating Parasites
Pedigreed Sheep in the Digital Age
A Journey in Sheep GEMS
Young Researchers Lead State Initiatives
The Potential Value of International Sheep Evaluations
Bentley Selected for Sheep Heritage Scholarship
Changes in Cattle Industry Show Where Sheep Are Headed
Congressmen Express Support for Wool
Wyoming Festival Celebrates State’s Sheep Culture

Sheep Industry News July 2023

President’s Notes
Trade Uncertainty
Pendleton Pays Premium for AWA Certification
Elevate Textiles Announces Recapitalization & New Ownership
ASI Exercises Secure Sheep & Wool Supply Plan
Georgia Sheep Association Draws A Crowd
Georgia Wool Grower Makes Most of Gulf Coast Native Sheep
Taking on Targeted Grazing
S.D. Lamb Benefits From CIS Certification
Oregon Contest Announces Winning Shearers
How Can I Get Ewes To Conceive on the First Service?

Sheep Industry News June 2023

President’s Notes
Prices Steady, Lamb Production Forecast To Decline Slightly
ASI’s Hubbard Offers Farm Bill Testimony
Grant Applications Due This Summer to NSIIC
2023 ASI Photo Contest Now Accepting Entries
Are You Ready for the Changes to Over-the-Counter Antibiotics?
Meet the Exec. Board Joe Pozzi – Valley Ford, Calif.
Festival Celebrates 50 Years of Fiber in Maryland
Fibershed Gets to Work on $30 Million Grant
Intensively Grazing in North Carolina
Major Contribution Fuels Raise the Shed Fundraising Campaign
Author Looks Back on Washington Ranch Life

Sheep Industry News May 2023

President’s Notes
Live Lamb Prices Continue Climb Up to Easter
APHIS & Scrapie Surveillance
Sheep Producers Flock to Washington, D.C.
ASI Leads the Way in Safeguarding Sheep Production
In the Green California’s Ryan Indart Grazes His Way to Prosperity
Extension Educator Andrew Weaver/ North Carolina
Association News

Sheep Industry News April 2023
President’s Notes

Lamb Market Sees Positive Signals
Key Factors Impacting Wool Consumption & Valuation
Poisonous Plant Laboratory Identifies Harmful Forage
Md. Sheep & Wool Festival Celebrates 50 Years in May
Industry Will Benefit From Wyo.’s Collaborative Effort
Diversify Income Opportunities With Multispecies Grazing
Around the States
My Trip to North Carolina


Sheep Industry News March 2023
President’s Notes
LMIC Offers Sheep & Lamb Outlook

Wool Production Stabilizes, Prices Still Volatile
Mid-States Wool Growers Closing in Fall of 2023
ASI Awards Shearing Grants
Loans Available Through NLPA
Sheep In Spotlight At Range Conference
Apply Now for NLFA Leadership School
ASI Elects Officers, Executive Board in Fort Worth
Animal Agriculture Depends on Sustainability
Lamb Council Looks at Frozen Product, Grading and Labeling
Producers Honored With ASI’s Annual Awards
Wolves and Grazing Regulations Looming Issues for Producers
PERC Puts Spotlight On Targeted Grazing
Integrative Parasite Management Includes Genetics
Animal Health Committee Discusses Response Strategies for Producers
Keep Coccidiosis At Bay This Spring
Fighting Antibiotic Resistance


Sheep Industry News February 2023
President’s Notes
Market Report
USDA Issues Appointments To American Lamb Board
Two Producers Appointed To Sheep Center Board
Quality Counts For Producers Looking to sell Their Wool
The Elly’s Acres Army
Karen Maneotis Selected As NLFA Executive Director
Take The Chill Out Of Early Season Lambing, Kidding
ASI Needs Volunteers
Sheep Industry News January 2023
President’s Notes
Market Report
ASI Announces Annual Industry Award Winners
Pope, Pfeiffer Receive Wool Excellence Awards
Montana Wool Company
USDA Announces Plans for Section 32 Lamb Purchase
ASI Adds Items To Online Shop
ASI Pilot Project Identifies Hurdles to EID at Markets
ASI Adds to Office Staff
Sheep Industry News December 2022
President’s Notes
Market Report
California Producer Discusses AWA Certification Process
Continuing Education for Shearers
Around the States
Ways To Address Hoof Health Challenges
Producers Can Manage Sheep With New Flockwatch App
Sheep Industry news November 2022
President’s Notes
Market Report
ASI Accepting Officer Nominations
Deadline for Annual Awards is Nov. 25
ASI, NLFA, Congress Call for Sec. 32 Purchase
The Rainbow People & The First Sheep
2023 ASI Annual Convention
Convention Speakers
UW Alumni Award Presented to Prager
Around the States
Sheep Industry News October 2022
President’s Notes
Market Report
Make Plans to Attend Shearing Schools
Lamb Retail Sales and Reports Released
2022 ASI Photo Contest Winners
Texas A&M AgriLife Tests Supplementation Nutrients
Sims Family Focus of PLC Video
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