ASI Wool Journal

ASI commissioned Chris Wilcox, a leading analyst and commentator on the global wool industry, to supply this quarterly ASI Wool Journal , which offers insight into the U.S. and global wool markets.

May 2017 Wool Journal — Optimistic long term outlook for US sheepmeat producers
April 2017 Wool Journal — Australian wool production forecast to lift to 2022
March 2017 Wool Journal — U.S. lamb prices stable as Australia and New Zealand prices rise

December 2016 Wool Journal — Lift in Australian wool production in 2017
October 2016 Wool Journal — Brexit Vote Could Affect New Zealand Lamb Exports to the United States
June 2016 Wool Journal — Export Volumes from Main Raw Wool Exporters Decline, US Raw Wool Exports Rise
May 2016 ASI Wool Journal — Modest Growth Predicted for Household Consumption
April 2016 ASI Wool Journal — Wool Prices at Record Levels Against Other Fibers
March 2016 ASI Wool Journal — Wool Prices Perform Better than Other Commodities

December 2015 Wool Journal — Clothing retail sales lift in the US and Europe
September 2015 Wool Journal — Weak AU $ helps Australian growers, hurts US growers
June 2015 Wool Journal — Mixed Messages from the Leading Economic Indicators
April 2015 Wool Journal — Raw wool demand remains patchy and subdued
March 2015 Wool Journal — Excellent clothing retail sales in the US, mixed elsewhere

December 2014 Wool Journal — Mixed Economic Conditions in the Major Consuming Countries
September 2014 Wool Journal — Economic growth improves and consumer confidence up, but clothing sales weak
June 2014 Wool Journal — Mixed Signals for Economic Indicators
May 2014 Wool Journal — Consumer confidence hits six-year high
April 2014 Wool Journal — Retail sales weak in Fall/Winter
March 2014 Wool Journal — China’s raw wool demand falters

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