Strengthening the American Wool Industry

A series of bulletins containing valuable information for the wool industry.

Wool Press Grant

The Wool Press Grant, funded by the American Wool Council, assists shearers, producers and warehouses in building or purchasing a U.S.-made wool press that produces standard size and weight bales. Past grants have resulted in 8 new presses aiding shearers, producers and approximately 505,000 sheep annually. Four applications have been accepted for the 2020/2021 grant year.

2020 & 2021 Wool Testing Information

With the closure of Yocom-McColl Testing Lab, 2020 and 2021 will be a years of transition for wool testing in the United States. Texas AgriLife is currently in the process of creating a commercial wool testing lab and is expected to be ready for the 2022 season. In the interim, testing may be done through the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority (NZWTA) Laboratory.
For a full list of wool testing laboratories, please visit www.sheepusa.org/contacts-woolpelt-researchtesting

Wool Testing Guide

Exporting Samples to NZWTA

Example NZWTA Test Report

NZWTA Payment Options

NZWTA Credit Card Payment Instructions

NZWTA Import Permit

NZWTA Import Declaration

Code of Practice for Preparation of Wool Clips

Preparation Steps for Wool Quality Improvement

Wool Classer Program

Wool Bale Press Record

Certified Wool Programs