Livestock Protection Dogs

September 2015 – Livestock Guardian Dogs – An 8-page Reference Guide from Texas A&M AgriLife Research and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at San Angelo

January 2011 – ASI Recommended Best Management Practices for Livestock Protection Dogs, Revised

October 2010: Livestock Protection Dogs Video

Over the last several decades, predator management and livestock protection tools available to the sheep industry have been significantly curtailed and completely eliminated in some circumstances. With the loss of traditional management tools, livestock protection dogs have become an extremely important means to reduce predator attacks on sheep.

July 2010 – ASI Response to BLM on LPD Program

February 2010 – BLM Response to LPD Program

Dog trialing season starts in Western Colorado — The Fence Post — A story about Livestock Protection Dogs

Signs and brochures informing recreationalists about the presence of livestock protection dogs (LPD) and grazing sheep guarded by LPDs are now available to download from the USDA, APHIS website.

To download the poster, go to Poster .
To download the brochure, go to Brochure .