Bipartisan Legislation Addresses Livestock Haulers
March 15, 2019

Rep. Collin C. Peterson (Minn.) and Rep. Greg Gianforte (Mont.) have reintroduced two pieces of bipartisan legislation to relieve certain sectors of the trucking industry from the Federal Motor Carrier Association’s electronic logging device mandate.

The Small Carrier Electronic Logging Device Exemption Act of 2018 will exempt businesses which operate 10 or fewer commercial trucks from the requirements of the ELD mandate, and the Agricultural Business Electronic Logging Device Exemption Act of 2018 will exempt agricultural businesses.

“This important legislation will eliminate regulations for small trucking companies and will help reduce unnecessary stops and delays which threaten the agricultural products they help to transport,” said Peterson. “These bills are a win for small businesses in rural America and our farmers.”

“Electronic logging devices are more Washington red tape that ties up truckers and puts livestock and Montana livelihoods at risk,” Gianforte said. “These bills will help reduce the unnecessary burden this federal mandate pushes onto Montana’s small trucking operations, farmers, and ranchers.”

The ELD mandate requires commercial drivers who prepare hours-of-service records to connect an electronic logging device to a vehicle’s engine to record driving hours.

“America’s sheep industry relies every day on safe, efficient and qualified livestock haulers. This act would give those haulers the needed flexibility to ensure both highway safety and animal welfare. We applaud Rep. Peterson and Rep. Gianforte on their leadership,” said American Sheep Industry Association President Benny Cox of Texas.