World’s Oldest Semen Used Successfully
February 22, 2019

The world’s oldest frozen ram semen is still achieving high fertility rates despite being put on ice 50 years ago.

Frozen in 1968 by Dr. Steven Salamon of the University of Sydney (Australia), the pool of semen included four rams of Ledgworth, Merryville and Boonoke genetics, owned at the time by the Walker family. In celebration of the semen’s 50th year and the late Dr. Salamon’s 100th birthday, the semen was thawed and inseminated in ewes as part of the 2018 Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group – a trial into leading sires suited for fine wool production in Western Victoria.

Interestingly, semen from all four rams was frozen in a pellet together with researchers unsure of exactly which of the rams will have inseminated the ewes. The semen was initially frozen to prove sperm could survive several years storage in liquid nitrogen at -196°C, and is now the oldest sheep semen in existence in the world and the oldest to be inseminated.

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Source: Stock and Land