Sheep Weather Vane Featured in New Exhibit

Architecturally speaking, it is, in fact, a zoo out there.

“Animals are ornaments on buildings all around us, often hidden in plain sight,” says Caitlin Bristol, the curator of Animals, Collected at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. The exhibit, which opens Saturday, showcases more than 125 objects from the museum’s permanent collection that represent dozens of different species of animals. “It’s an opportunity to delve into the symbolism and why these animals were chosen to embellish buildings and monuments.”

Among the objects is a sheep weather vane from 1883.

Massachusetts-based L.W. Cushing and Sons’ weather vane catalog offered a variety of designs: stallions, roosters, pigs, grasshoppers and sheep. The company specialized in copper and gold leaf weather vanes that could be ordered in a variety of sizes depending on the building where they’d be placed.

Click Here for the full article. The exhibit runs through July 2020.