Nylon Wool Pack Duty Suspended
September 7, 2018

H.R. 4318 passed the U.S. House by voice vote earlier this week (and had previously passed in the U.S. Senate), so it is headed to President Donald J. Trump’s desk to be signed into law. The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act of 2018 will suspend duties on more than 1,600 products – one of which is nylon wool packs.

The American Sheep Industry Association joined with Timothy Koock, president of Woolsacks, Inc., of Fredericksburg, Texas, on this issue for much of the past year.

“It was a pleasure to work with Peter (Orwick, ASI Executive Director) and the ASI team,” Koock said. “It always feels rewarding to work together to accomplish benefits for the American growers.”

According to a report at Policy.House.gov, “H.R. 4318 amends the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States to temporarily modify certain rates of duty for provisions recommended by the International Trade Commission pursuant to the new process established in the American Manufacturing and Competitiveness Act of 2016. The legislation includes more than 1,600 products that were recommended by the ITC.

“Through the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill, Congress temporarily suspends or reduces tariffs on certain imports for three years,” according to the recap.

“Nylon wool packs used to package wool from the farm and ranch to warehouse or mill are not produced in the United States, although we have shared the opportunity with domestic companies” said ASI President Mike Corn. “This effort ought to save at least 7 percent on pack costs as we prepare for the next wool season.”