Michigan Producers Asked to Register for Survey
October 26, 2018

All Michigan sheep producers are encouraged to participate in the upcoming 2019 Michigan Flock Survey, an anonymous survey of the status of sheep and shepherds throughout all of Michigan.

The inaugural Michigan Flock Survey will attempt to survey every sheep and shepherd within the state of Michigan in 2019. Even if you only have one lone sheep, you are encouraged to fill out the online survey.

Registration is open from now until Jan. 1, 2019. After registration closes, producers in the state can respond to the survey in one of three ways: online, by email or over the phone. To register, visit MichiganFlockSurvey.com or call 517-250-0731.

This anonymous survey will help determine the demographics of Michigan’s shepherds, the vast range of breeds they are raising and what challenges they are facing.

The survey is being conducted by Aimee Swenson Buckley, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State University. This survey is the basis for her doctoral dissertation research exploring the breed diversity and market access of sheep in the state of Michigan.

Swenson Buckley is a long-time shearer, and a small-flock producer of lamb and wool in Southwest Michigan. She has spent several years traveling the world researching small-scale and rare-breed sheep production systems, often in remote regions.