ALB Videos Feature Live Fire Lamb Recipes for Chefs
November 2, 2018

The American Lamb Board developed five new on-trend lamb recipes and videos showcasing American lamb in contemporary menu applications. The new videos feature live fire cooking techniques demonstrated by chefs Stephen Barber and Kipp Ramsey from the Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch in Napa Valley.

The videos and recipes are now posted at and will be promoted in the Culinary Institute of America e-newsletter to food professionals, as well as the ProChef Smart Brief newsletter.

The five videos and recipes illustrate diverse uses for American Lamb for foodservice professionals including:

  • A whole lamb (with a rosemary, harissa and vindaloo spice rub) cooked on a rack over a cherry and oak wood fire served with a chimichurri sauce, potatoes and peppers;
  • BBQ Pulled American Lamb Shoulder with Chickpeas and Spiced Yogurt, one of the Farmstead’s most popular menu items. The lamb is seasoned with a paprika and cumin rub and smoked for eight hours. The pulled lamb is served on top of a bed of braised chickpeas and smoked tomatoes with pickled Fresno chilies;
  • Denver Lamb Ribs seasoned with vindaloo spice and smoked for about four hours until tender and served with a spicy tomato marmalade;
  • Grilled American Lamb Loin Chops with Pecan Dukkah and Salsa Verde;
  • A boneless leg of lamb marinated for 24 hours and served with a Succotash, Creamed Corn and Harissa.

The videos and recipes were created by the Culinary Institute of America as an industry service to the American Lamb Board.

Source: American Lamb Board