Woolmark Brand to Focus on Apparel
March 23, 2018

Australian Wool Innovation will be dropping carpet manufacturers from the Woolmark brand soon to focus its attention solely on the apparel market.

AWI chief executive officer Stuart McCullough said at the Western Australia Farmers Vitality: 2018 annual conference that wool growers owned the Woolmark brand “outright” and because of that they would be able to use it to market their wool, improving traceability in the supply chain.

McCullough said the Woolmark brand was a “quality assurance mark” recognized around the world and by dropping manufacturers it would be solely an “Australian apparel Woolmark.”

“In the next little while, I will knock off the carpet manufacturers and not allow them to use the Woolmark,” McCullough said. “I want to start bringing it back to be only an Australian apparel fiber mark.

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Source: Farm Weekly