Chargeurs Forms Partnership with Chinese Topmaker
March 16, 2018

Chargeurs Luxury Materials and ZheJiang RedSun Wool Textile announced this week a strategic partnership agreement that unites the history and global presence of Chargeurs with an emerging, reliable partner in RedSun.

Chargeurs Luxury Materials (Chargeurs Wool) is a division of the Chargeurs Group – a global company with combing mills in four countries: Argentina, China, the United States and Uruguay; as well as a worldwide presence in wool supply. China’s ZheJiang RedSun Wool Textile is a younger, yet proven presence in the topmaking business with “impressive investments and developments in the Free Trade Zone in ZheJiang. When the new facility starts running in September, all three mills of RedSun Group will reach a total capacity of up to 20,000 tons of wool top,” according to a joint press release from the two companies.

Chargeurs Wool Sales Europe, based in Biella, will exclusively distribute the wool top produced by RedSun for the entire European market. The two companies will work together in the commercial and technical aspects.

“Your esteemed company will continue to receive the usual Chargeurs products, excellent and reliable services with additional great quality production from RedSun, who has already earned a good reputation in Europe,” read the press release.