Senate Posts Own Version of 2018 Farm Bill
June 8, 2018

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 was posted today by the U.S. Senate’s agriculture committee as consideration of the next Farm Bill moves forward.

The American Sheep Industry Association – along with all agriculture groups – is reviewing the legislation at press time. ASI President Mike Corn said association leaders and staff are searching the bill for sheep provisions that the industry has been working with senators the past two years to implement in the new Farm Bill.

“At first read, the legislation extends the wool trust and appears to reauthorize the provisions for wool mills and suit makers, as well,” Corn said. “Foot and Mouth Disease and minor use pharmaceutical development are referenced and the sheep center is reauthorized.”

ASI will be sharing the final review with leadership in order to follow up with senators as the committee works toward approval this month. The association is looking to clarify the extension of the wool marketing loan – which is established through 2023 – as the rate of the loan is unknown at this time.