Brown Sheep Company Revitalizes Community School

After years of use for teaching the area’s young people since 1937, the former Haig School building has been revitalized for teaching of another kind – workshops on the fiber arts.

“There are so many areas the fiber arts encompass,” said Peggy Wells, whose parents founded Brown Sheep Company in 1980. “There’s knitting, weaving, needlepoint and spinning. What you can do with yarn is so wide and varied and I think our society is ready for that hands-on natural art again.”

For the past nine years, Brown Sheep Company had sponsored the Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair. Peggy said they now want to offer that kind of education year-round.

So with partner and daughter-in-law Brittany Wells, who also has a passion for the fiber arts, Peggy reopened the former Haig School building about a month ago to teach the many skills that can be done with natural fiber wool.

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Source: Scottsbluff Star Herald