Jack Ewing Selected for Wool Excellence Award
December 21, 2018

Fifty-four years ago – on his first day of work at Crescent Sock Company – Jack Ewing was handed a broom and told to get to work. Along the way he’s worked in every area of the operation and become an advocate for American wool.

For his efforts to move the industry forward, the Wool Roundtable selected Ewing as the 2019 Wool Excellence Award winner. He will be honored during the Wool Recognition Lunch on Jan. 24 at the ASI Convention in New Orleans.

A member of the Wool Roundtable, Ewing was a part of the conference call in which he was nominated for the award.

“I was thinking during the conversation that maybe in five or six years, I might have accomplished enough for American wool to be considered for the award,” Ewing said. “Then they nominated me. I don’t know that I’ve done enough to deserve such an honor at this point, but I’m going to try and make myself deserving of this award.”

ASI Deputy Director Rita Samuelson takes a slightly less humble view of Ewing’s work on behalf of American wool.

“He is truly a champion of American wool and has gone to great lengths to support American wool growers and the domestic textile industry,” she said. “You can always find him by the bowtie and the big smile on his face, but behind all of that is a loyal man of grand character and dedication.”

In any case, Ewing can consider the Wool Excellence Award a down payment on his future efforts on behalf of American wool.

Read more about Ewing in the January issue of the Sheep Industry News.