Congress Approves Legislation Concerning Animal Health
August 3, 2018

Senate health committee chair Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) said this week that legislation passed by the Senate will help keep animals healthy and protect the food supply.

“A farmer in Tennessee knows the drug he has given to his calf is safe for the same reason we know that the medicines patients take are safe – the Food and Drug Administration has approved it,” Alexander said. “These agreements will help bring new drugs to farmers and ranchers, families and veterinarians to keep our pets healthy, prevent outbreaks of disease and protect our food supply.”

The FDA and the animal drug industry began working on reauthorizing agreements for generic animal drugs in August of 2016, and began meeting on the agreements for brand animal drugs two months later. Earlier this year, the committee passed legislation reauthorizing these agreements 22-1. On July 16, the House of Representatives passed (by unanimous consent) this bipartisan consensus legislation, after working to address differences between the House and Senate bills and incorporate input and changes from Alexander and the committee’s ranking member, Patty Murray (Wash.).

The legislation now heads to the President’s desk for his approval.