Road Show Introduces Aspiring Chefs to Ohio Lamb
August 31, 2018

The Ohio Lamb Road Show – supported by the American Lamb Board and the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, among others – is taking Ohio lamb straight to culinary students in September and October in an effort to promote the protein among up-and-coming chefs.

“We are going to do four educational programs at vocational culinary schools around southwestern Ohio using lamb that was raised in Ohio and showed at the Ohio State Fair,” said Ohio sheep producer Nick Forrest. “Ohio State University will harvest and gather carcass data on all the lambs. We will than take the carcasses to these four schools to break them down and educate the students, as well as some seasoned chefs, on where the retail cuts of lambs come from.”

Chef mentors will then work with a group of five to eight students to take these cuts of lamb and create recipes and dishes to serve later that evening to a group of parents, educators and administrators from these four schools.

The program is designed to show the value and quality of lamb raised within the state and build a bond with aspiring chefs that will serve the protein well when these students become professional chefs.

Sheep producers who raised the lambs will also share, “How they were raised, genetics, feed intake and how they were taken care of to paint a full picture of the lamb industry.”

The road show is also aimed at increasing interest in the sheep industry, and therefore, the supply of domestic lamb available to consumers.

“With this program we are hoping that the outcome is two phase,” Forrest said. “No. 1, we want these chefs to consider using more Ohio lamb in their recipes, whether at a restaurant, food truck or catering. No. 2, by communicating how great our product is and by showing and tasting it, they will have a better understanding of what Ohio lamb is all about.”

The Ohio Lamb Road Show will stop at Butler Tech (Sept. 18), Warren County Technical School (Sept. 26), Diamond Oaks (Oct. 10) and Scarlet Oaks (Oct. 24).