ALB Hosts Curriculamb Demonstration in Alabama
April 20, 2018

To reach national media editors and recipe developers with information about American lamb’s rich flavor and versatility, the American Lamb Board is hosting Curriculamb demonstrations at national media test kitchens. The first event took place on April 9 at the Meredith (formerly Time Inc.) Food Studios in Birmingham, Ala.

The editorial and recipe development teams in Birmingham work for publications such as Food & Wine, Cooking Light, Southern Living, Midwest Living, Real Simple, Well Done and more.

Industry expert Cody Hiemke and nationally-recognized butcher and fan of American lamb, Bryan Mayer, joined the American Lamb Board to host the session. The demo began with Mayer and Hiemke cooking and serving bites of the different cuts to showcase the pure flavor of American lamb. While butchering and cooking, they addressed topics such as flavor, versatility of cuts, common cuts at retail, seasonal cooking techniques (grilling with lamb was a key focus) and sheep farming in the United States.

American Lamb Board’s Megan Wortman helped to answer industry questions and underscored the importance of seeking out American lamb. The American Lamb Board treated attendees to three prepared lamb dishes featuring different cuts and global flavors, and left behind samples of ground lamb, sirloin chops, ribs and boneless leg for recipe testing.

Attendees at the demo included recipe developers, test kitchen directors, food stylists and editors from various Meredith Publications. Food & Wine’s video production team shot footage of the demo to circulate to their digital editors.

Source: American Lamb Board