IWTO Congress Set for May in Hong Kong
April 13, 2018

Awareness of textiles and the fibers they are made of is growing. A generation raised largely on synthetics is discovering the many natural benefits of wool. Increasing concerns about the overuse of petroleum-based products is changing the way consumers view their clothing.

Yet even as wool fiber awareness grows, supply-related issues such as low sheep numbers present challenges to the industry. It’s an exciting time to be part of wool textiles, and the upcoming congress of the International Wool Textile Organization offers an ideal opportunity to address wool’s role in a future increasingly shaped by issues of sustainability.

This May, some 250 international delegates – including a large contingent from the American Wool Council and in general the American wool industry – representing all stages of the wool textile supply chain will gather in Hong Kong to address wool’s role in a future increasingly defined by sustainable fashion and interiors.

“The program we have put together for the congress will review and reflect on global sourcing in this era of much greater transparency and accountability,” says IWTO President Peter Ackroyd.

The annual IWTO Congress is a highlight of the global wool industry calendar, attracting more than 300 representatives from the entire wool textile supply chain including those from brands, retailers, governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

Source: IWTO