Tri-Lamb Young Leader Program Looking for U.S. Representation

The American Lamb Board and the American Sheep Industry Association’s Young Entrepreneur Committee are seeking two candidates to represent the United States in a new Tri-Lamb Young Leaders Program. The program is designed to create a forum of young producers and leaders from the United States, Australia and New Zealand to share ideas, network and to broaden the understanding of sheep production practices in all three countries. Each country will select two young producers (22-40 years old) who exhibit future leadership potential to participate in the forum for two years. Each country will also select one progressive, successful producer leader to serve as a mentor and liaison with the other leaders.

The program will kick off in Australia on Aug. 10-14 followed by New Zealand Aug. 15-18. Airfare, hotel and other travel expenses will be covered for the participants that are selected to represent the United States. The U.S. representatives will develop an agenda and host the Australian and New Zealand producers in 2017. Participation in the forum requires a two-year commitment (2016-2017).

The leaders that are selected will be required to present a report on the Young Leader Program at the 2017 ASI Convention in Denver, Colo. The participants will also be asked to help develop the 2017 U.S. program hosting the Australian and New Zealand leaders, including location, timing, tours, agenda, etc.

There are two parts to the selection-application process:

  1. Applicants must complete the written application, which is available at or by contacting Megan Wortman at .
  2. Interviews will be conducted over the phone or in person depending on applicant’s location.

All applicants must be members of the American Sheep Industry Association.

Applications are due on March 15. Interviews will be conducted March 15-31 and successful participants will be notified by April 1.

Questions and applications can be directed to Megan Wortman at or by calling the ALB office at 303-759-3001.