Farmer Uses Wolf as Sheepdog
September 6, 2013

Zbigniew Pieczyk, a 50 year-old farmer from Podlasie, Poland, took in what he thought was a stray puppy. He found the pup near his ranch and began training it to protect his flock of sheep, believing it to be a sheepdog or German shepherd mixed dog. 
As the pup got a little older, Pieczyk soon came to realize that it was not a dog at all, but a wolf. He began to hear the distinct howl of a wolf all night, every night and the mistake became apparent when he realized the sound was coming from his own dog. He promptly called the local authorities when the realization hit him. Luckily his young wolf did not harm any of his sheep. The young wolf is now in the hands of wildlife professionals and is set to be returned to the wild. 
Wolf populations in Poland, as well as Germany, have been growing. They are even expected to soon return to the Netherlands. Wolves are typically very shy and never seen in regions heavily populated by humans. It is a mystery why Pieczyk’s wolf was separated from its mother and litter mates. 
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