Animal Disease Traceability Forum White Paper Released
September 6, 2013

White Paper summarizing information presented at the Joint Strategy Forum on Animal Disease Traceability, “Bringing Industry and Regulatory Leaders Together to Create Sensible Solutions,” sponsored by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture and the U.S. Animal Health Association, Aug. 6-7, has been released. 
“This forum provided a platform for much-needed interaction between those impacted by the animal traceability rule,” stated symposium co-chair Victor Velez, California Department of Food and Agriculture. “State, federal and tribal animal health officials, animal producers, veterinarians, livestock marketers and handlers and meat processors, as well as state and national livestock show officials and rodeo officials, openly and candidly discussed challenges of implementation-and a lot was learned from this exchange.” 
The White Paper presents information delivered by speakers plus shares implementation concerns and priorities identified by participants. It is available at