Ethnic Marketing of Lamb and Mutton — An Educational Program for U.S. Sheep Producers
October 25, 2013

Sheep producers across the country are invited to participate in a four-session webinar series designed to explore the feasibility of marketing lamb and mutton to ethnic consumers. 
This educational outreach has been jointly designed by Richard Brzozowski, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Susan Schoenian, University of Maryland Extension, and Roger High, Ohio State University. It is being made available through a grant from the American Sheep Industry Association’s (ASI) Let’s Grow initiative to the state sheep associations of Maine, Maryland and Ohio. The series is free to anyone who wishes to participate. 
The purpose of this multi-state effort is to equip sheep producers with skills and knowledge for effective marketing of sheep/lamb meat to ethnic communities in their respective market areas. 
This outreach will be accomplished via a webinar series and will be supplemented by readings, self-driven activities, assignments and group discussions. Producers are encouraged to participate in each of the four sessions for a complete educational experience. 
By the end of the series, webinar participants will be expected to:
Identify lamb consuming ethic populations in their area by performing a demographic analysis of specific ethnicities using census data and other sources.
Learn about the ethnic consumers as well as the specific holy days and holidays when lamb is customarily preferred and the demand for lamb/mutton or specific value-added products is typically high.
Evaluate their production system to determine needed changes in breed(s), carcass size, lambing time and or management to meet this market if deemed feasible.
Adapt or create a marketing plan as a part of a business plan for their sheep operation to include an ethnic component (if appropriate).
Successfully answer an ethnic lamb marketing quiz with a score of at least 80 percent.
Each session will begin at 7 p.m. EST and is scheduled to last 60-90 minutes. The schedule is as follows: 
Tuesday, Nov. 19 — Ethnic Market Background 
Tuesday, Nov. 26 — Understanding the Ethnic Consumer 
Tuesday, Dec. 3 — Understanding and Evaluating Your Market Options 
Tuesday, Dec. 10 — Your Marketing Plan 
To register for this free series and for more information about specific sessions, instructors and other related information go to